Regional Groups

An introduction to Regional Groups

The National Association of Hospice at Home strives to be truly representative of all hospice at home services across the UK, regardless of the service configuration and model of care delivered. Being in touch with the membership is vital to the work of the association and that is why the formation of regional groups is both supported and encouraged.

The main function of the regional group is to provide structured peer support at a local level. It is likely that solutions to local problems can be found locally. It also gives members the opportunity to share ideas, innovations and best practice. Well developed groups may go on to consider peer review or benchmarking between two or more services. Support from regional groups can also be crucial for new and emerging services.

It is not the aim of the Association to dictate how regional groups should be organised and run, that is a decision for the groups themselves. The Association will however nominate one member of the executive to the role of Regional Group Link; this is currently Heather Mitchell.

Regional Groups not only need members, they need committed and dedicated leaders. This need not be an onerous role and can often be shared between two or three likeminded people. If there isn’t currently a group local to you, why not consider starting one? The benefits of being part of a regional group far outweigh the work involved!!

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