Regional Groups Responsibilities

Responsibility of the National Association of Hospice at Home to Regional Groups:

  • To provide a point of contact and support through the appointment of a Regional Group Link.
  • To receive, acknowledge and act upon ideas, comments and issues raised either via the Regional Group Link, the website or direct to the Chairman.
  • To provide a draft Terms of Reference to be used as a good practice guide for Regional Groups.
  • To monitor and track the development of Regional Groups.
  • To hold a standing item on the agenda of the Executive Meeting for feedback direct from Regional Groups.
  • To ensure minutes from all Executive Meetings are available on the website via the members area in a timely manner.

Responsibility of Regional Groups to the National Association of Hospice at Home:

  • To uphold the reputation of The National Association of Hospice at Home at all times.
  • To consider, adapt and amend to Terms of Reference provided by the Association.
  • To liaise with the Regional Group Link when and where appropriate.
  • To forward the minute of all meetings to the Regional Group Link in a timely manner so they can be presented to the Executive Meetings as appropriate.
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