Step by step guide to becoming part of a Regional Group

Step 1

See if there is currently a Regional Group in your area.

Step 2

Consider if the group is sufficiently local to meet your needs. Remember groups often rotate venues, how far would you be need to travel to attend meetings? Would you be able to attend regularly? Would your organisation support you in this?

Step 3

If there is a Regional Group you would like to attend make contact with the lead person to ask about meetings and attendance. It’s best to do this in advance and not just turn up at a meeting as often venues have limits on the numbers attending.

Step 4

If there is no current Regional Group in your area, contact the Association Regional Group Link as there may be one in the planning stage.

Step 5

If the is no Regional Group meeting in your area and not one in the planning stage – consider starting one yourself. The Association Regional Group Link can help you with this – they are there to help.


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