Verification of Death

This information has been provided by Rebecca Trower Co-Chair for the National Association for Hospice at Home and is accurate as of the 18th May 2018

Princess Alice Hospice in Esher have a local policy and VOED is part of the Care Before and After Death policy.

NMC Guidance, 2012  states– "In the event of a death, a Registered Nurse may confirm or verify death has occurred, providing there is an explicit local protocol in place to allow such an action.  Nurses undertaking this responsibility must only do so providing they have received appropriate education and training, and have been assessed as competent"

There is nothing to define what is deemed to be ‘appropriate and competent’ so it is down to the individual organisation to decide. One of the local CCGs deems the nurse to be competent once he/she has been observed verifying death on two occasions by an ‘appropriately trained HCP’ You can also refer to the Hospice UK Care After Death – ‘Guidance for staff responsible for care after death’ (2015)