Helen Parkinson


From starting off at my local mental health hospital, where I worked as a volunteer for free food, I was eventually offered my first real job as a health are assistant.  Little did I know this first job would set me on a path of nursing, caring and questioning!

Some 30 years on, and my life has remained full of surprises, and all around health care.

Having joined the Forces and spending time on active duty and being classed now as a veteran (I hardly feel that old!) I am keen to share my knowledge and  skills when required.

My career is not the expected route into the hospice world, in fact far from it.  Prior to my current post as clinical service manager covering hospice at home, international pain clinics, transitional lead with young  people, well being and out patients.

My transition into the hospice world, was from a substance misuse lead nurse in harm minimisation, setting up a bespoke service in Chester whilst the challenges of life style choices verse constraints of conventional patient appointments, blood borne viruses, criminality, including individuals selling sex, developing street out reach clinics, syringe exchanges and working with the police was challenging and rewarding whilst may have been my bread and butter for some 15 years.  Supporting individuals unable to cope with main stream services, choosing to self medicate was character building and challenging.  Prior to this I work in sexual heath as a advisory harm reduction and LGBTQ lead.

My foundations and skill mix makes me “the wild card” of the hospice but I prefer unique as I believe we all are in our own way.

I have an interest in:

·         Challenges for patients and families who may experience or struggle with addictions, and hinder possible access to  services

·         LGBTQ  people/patients

·         Veterans

·         Disadvantaged patients including the homeless, hostel care

·         Learning disabilities EOL care

My past times include bee keeping, a new puppy and allotment.