Information for the Public

What is hospice at home?

Hospice at home is the provision of hospice care at home. This includes the principles and philosophy of care commonly experienced in a hospice setting. The service is available to patients who have any life limiting illness and is usually provided in partnership with GPs and community nurses. Hospice type care may be delivered by the voluntary sector and local health and social care organisations, often working closely and in partnership.

What services are available?

Services will be available in your area but will differ slightly from locality to locality. Nursing and supportive care can be given to support families who need additional care especially during often rapid times of change in illness patterns or difficulty with symptoms.

How do I access hospice at home?

Patients are usually referred to a hospice at home service by a GP, hospital professional or community nurse but anyone can contact a service to enquire about care. Some services will accept a referral from the patient him/herself. On referral the organisation will contact you to identify your needs. A plan of care will then be developed including other services such as your community nurse or voluntary organisations. Hospice at home usually works closely with the community nurse or community nursing service as appropriate, and GP sharing the care that is required for patients and their families. All professionals will communicate regularly to discuss and plan treatment and care. To find out about your local services click here.

Who can access hospice at home services?

Each organisation will have their own referral criteria. In general any patients with a life limiting illness requiring intensive or additional care at home can access a hospice at home service. Services vary across the UK. Acceptance of your referrals may be dependent upon resources and other services available at the time of referral.

Do I have to pay for hospice at home?

The service is generally free to all who access it as they are provided by the NHS or a charity. However, you may wish to check this with your local service provider.