Membership Information

Hospice at home is a core service in enabling end of life care at home. NAHH is dedicated to promoting the cause of hospice at home at a local, regional and national level. It’s elected executive committee welcomes applications for membership from:

  • Hospice at home services

  • Services providing palliative/end of life care at home which may, or may not, have hospice in their title

  • Services planning to set up a hospice at home service or equivalent

  • Membership includes NHS services and those working in collaboration with others

Cost to join

The membership years runs from 1 April - 31 March and the cost for each organisation to join is only £125 per year.  

How to join

Apply for a NAHH membership here. We will process your application and provide you with an invoice. Please be aware that your Membership will not be effective until full payment has been received.

For payments remittance
Please email